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That’s 360 full-page strips, plus detailed maps, glossary, and bonus art. It’s the entire CFB experience (so far), in one easy-to-browse e-Book. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Real Music From The Beyonding

Back when I had an animation studio, my partner and I were planning a film we titled Something Borrowed, after John’s Arm: Armageddon was completed. Unfortunately it didn’t happen, and the original authoring files were lost when a hard drive bit the dust.

However, I did manage to salvage a few things, included among them a rough cut of the theme I wrote for the titles of Something Borrowed (under the name Five Sixseven, of Tailothepup). When I first introduced Refusaleth around 2010, I always had this piece playing in the back of my mind. Eventually I decided to repurpose it as his own theme, and here we are.

As a teaser, I combined it with some art of “the big white guy”, notably his “Temple Of Doom” pastiche. Please enjoy. I’m glad to get this out of my head and onto the Internet.

This Is Going To Make You Freak

As the countdown to Second Solstera continues, here’s a teaser video to whet your appetite. It was actually more work than expected to put together, so if you’d spread it around, it would be much appreciated. Stay tuned for more.

(NOTE: I erred by putting the date as 2019 that the first arc finished. It was actually 2017, but I don’t feel like deleting the video and replacing it. Apologies.)


December 31, 2017


  • As he promised to Aga Regata, Bromance destroys the evil with his bare hands (in panel 4 you can see Refusaleth in the background, headless)
  • Final panel; the catastrophic explosion of the platform, contained within the atmospheric cone of the Highest Point
  • Final strip, to be continued 2/20/2020


December 30, 2017


  • At the Highest Point of the Beyonding, Aga Regata, its creator, is clearly visible (panel 2)
  • In panel 3, Refusaleth refers to Radish-Hoof as a “reformed phantom”, alluding to the unicorns’ origin in the Sacred Testament
  • Panel 4 shows the Beyonding from the Highest Point, facing away from the Backlands; the Dark Unmentionables are visible at monumental size (Abysma over Ulu, Holocough over the Frontlands, and Obsolesmus over Ystyr)
  • Bromance has used so much power trying to defeat Refusaleth that he has aged 70 to 90 years
  • Panel 6: Refusaleth is indicating Earth
  • Panel 7: Refusaleth almost spoke Bromance’s “original name”(meaning that Bromance was someone else before he was remade by Aga), which would have annihilated Bromance from existence
  • Radish-Hoof snaps off his horn; unicorn blood is represented by (real) red glitter


December 24, 2017


  • Karbunkel takes Cornelius to the Farthest Point of the Beyonding; what did Vurka tell Cornelius?
  • In panel 8, you can see the completed dial on the Lost Book, which turns 180 degrees when the book is replaced


December 17, 2017


  • The final fight between Bromance and Refusaleth begins, atop the peak of the crystal spires, rocketing towards the Highest Point


December 10, 2017


  • Insanus has breached the southern border wall of Shoadom
  • The Rhinzeka, Shoadom’s stormtroopers, appear in panel 2 and onward
  • The Shoadomites executed a “recall trigger”, which ordered all wallopers to return to Shoadom; since they were are crushed by the Gargrudgen avalanche, none did
  • The lead Shoadomite prepares to siphon Insanus’s life away (panel 5)
  • Insanus has been using so much foul language, the smell of his breath causes the sensitive Shoadomites to vomit blood


December 3, 2017


  • Forthwall is the celestial kingdom of the Nards, at the Highest Point
  • Radish-Hoof can only catch up to Refusaleth on his own power, through true belief (including that of a lesser god like Laed-Ku)


November 26, 2017


  • Tiscinivel was Zazmene’s mother; she made a deal with the Empire to save her family, after her husband was imprisoned for possessing forbidden books, and her son was drafted into the Imperial Advance Guard
  • Tiscinivel somehow passed a tiny book to her husband with an explanation for Zaz, which he spit at her, because he was in full-body restraints
  • The Gargile’s touch removes Tiscinivel from Imperial control (which she explains in panel 7)
  • Who kills the head of the Estimen Briguild, in panel 9?