September 4, 2017


  • Who was Xandinculus, after all? Did he come from our world, and was he really a “dangerous Plagiarist” as he was labeled? 
  • Karbunkel knows how to “unshrink” objects


August 20, 2017


  • The Quondrian Questioneer interrogates a captured Graver in the Bismuth Building, in the capitol spires of Midiria
  • Y.L.Y.L. means “You laugh, you lose”; “Glory contrata” is a Shoadomite slogan
  • The Graver bites a “quit line” in panel 6, triggering a catastrophic explosion


August 6, 2017


  • Spalpeen has commandeered Curdelbludd’s body, which was beheaded by Bromance way back in #160, and which is being pulled towards Refusaleth in panels 1 and 2
  • In panel 4, Spalpeen alludes to his encounter with Bromance in the purgeon (#191)
  • Refusaleth crushes Spalpeen’s head to the relative size of Pip?
  • Do the fragments of the Prime Resinate appear to have letters on them in panel 8?


July 30, 2017


  • “D.R.I.N.K.” is clearly visible on the desecrated portrait of the Midirian Empress; what could this mean, and what work of Nefaria’s was Darkana continuing?
  • Darkana believes that Nefaria was responsible for the genocide of the Glowborgs; this was actually the work of Refusaleth, which Nefaria took credit for, to gain power (“The truevil, I know”)
  • Nefaria names all four Dark Unmentionables; Holocough, Obsolesmus, Abysma, Xenihilo
  • Nefaria calls Mogrum by his original name, Mogol; doing so causes one’s current form to disintegrate, from doubt


July 23, 2017


  • Darkana confirms the perks of Nefaria’s monstrance, but not whether she used them or supplied them (for example “the petrified Nard”, Faddlegas), other than the elevator 


July 17, 2017


  • Tiscinivel has been promoted to Imperial Inspectorate, and meets with the head of the Estimen Briguild in the capitol spires of Midiria
  • The Estimen displays a sonic shotgun (without actually firing it), which projects a focused sonic blast through a rotating disc, firing coin-sized holes in rapid succession at the target
  • The air pirates have “been taken care of”?
  • The air pirates are in Murderwings (highly customized and armored Nanowings, with extra firepower), and the Warhead mothership is visible at upper right in panel 7


July 9, 2017


  • The ship the Codefathers are using slowly becomes more defined
  • Ponymus is the ancestral and protected home of the unicorns (“thousand-year law” forbids “unsanctioned” entrance of their walled borders)
  • First (current) appearance of Sky-Shindigo, the blue unicorn (panel 4)